The work we do is dependent on the ability and capacity of our people. From the start we understood that to realize our corporate vision we needed to earn the distinction of being the mine contractor of choice of both Clients and Employees.

To fundamentally change the way mine contracting is carried out within our industry, for the benefit of all stakeholders.

To earn the distinction of being the mining contractor of choice of both Clients and Employees through excellence in safety, performance beyond all expectations, and building of long term relationships based on a "best for project" philosophy.

Our corporate values remain unchanged regardless of strategy, Client, geographical location of work, or other dynamic factors within our business;

  • Our belief in working safely and eliminating injuries must pervade everything we do. We are committed to safety because it is the right way to work.
  • We want to treat our people well and give them every opportunity to succeed within our business and in life.
  • We want to establish and maintain long term relations with Clients, suppliers and partners.
  • We must be honest with our Clients and base project decisions on what is best for the project.
  • We want to be proud of the projects we carry out.
  • We strive to work as a team. Within our own group, with our Parent company and sister companies, and with our Clients, suppliers and partners.
  • We cannot be afraid to try new ideas that do not compromise safety.
  • We must be performance driven, on our projects, in our head office, wherever we apply ourselves. This ultimately means results driven and action biased.

Building a new mine or expanding an existing one is a lengthy and costly undertaking that requires a workforce with specific skill sets and the training and knowledge to perform the work.

Cementation was established with a core of excellent engineering capacity. Our design-build approach is based on the philosophy that engineering is an integral part of the construction process. Not a new concept, but one not commonly found in our industry today.

For our Engineers and Designers this means their participation does not end when construction begins, rather it continues through the construction and operations phases.

For those involved in the construction side of our business this means they have the opportunity to contribute ideas and provide feedback to engineering while the project is still on paper.

For our Clients, Cementation’s design-build delivery provides one point accountability, improved mine infrastructure construction, as well as schedule and cost savings.

Essential to our business are qualified trades personnel and professionals in Estimating, Finance, IT, Human Resources, Contracts, Administration, Communications, Engineers, Designers and Marketing. We are always on the lookout for qualified personnel, especially with a trade background or experience in mining.

Training occurs at all levels to grow individuals’ potential and is not always industry specific, but includes position specific technical and other training as well as management and leadership training opportunities. Technology and tools of the trade are changing at rapid rates – training is essential to ensure we are leveraging the strengths of all employees and providing the necessary training to enhance areas of development. 

We understand that new ideas require a receptive audience. By supporting a sustainable innovative culture, Cementation continues to contribute to the advancement of the mining industry as well as all stakeholders.

This commitment has been further enhanced with the formation of an IDeAS Team (Innovation, Development and Support), comprised of individuals from all areas within our company. Cementation recognizes that all Employees have a valuable contribution to make and we want to encourage improvements by providing a culture that respects and provides a platform to present new ideas.

Our people are what make Cementation great!

At Cementation we believe that everyone – regardless of race, age, ethnicity, gender identity, religion or other factors – should be treated with fairness and respect, in an inclusive environment.  It is our goal to lead our company in encouraging and embracing diversity across all stakeholders, including clients, suppliers, advisors, as well as both potential and current employees.

On site or in the office, Cementation offers competitive wages and comprehensive benefit packages ensuring we continue to be an employer of choice across Canada.

Current Job Openings

Please review some of our career opportunities:

Thursday, April 2, 2020
Night Shift Safety Coordinator, Sudbury ON, Canada Hot!

Tuesday, March 24, 2020
Project Cost Controller, British Columbia, Canada Hot!

Thursday, June 6, 2019
Underground Miner (Development), Superior AZ, USA Hot!