Health and Safety

Consistent with our commitment to excellence in mining health and safety, Coeur has partnered with the National Mining Association (NMA) on its CORESafety initiative.  CORESafety, a partnership led by the members of the NMA, is an approach to mining health and safety designed to prevent accidents before they happen. 

While we believe we can continually improve our safety performance, we are pleased to have been recognized for our safety leadership, including:

  • Nevada Mining Association’s (NVMA) Mine Operators Safety Award, second place to our Rochester Mine for outstanding achievement for Surface Operations-Medium category 2012.
  • Nevada Mining Association’s (NVMA) Individual Safety Award presented to Coeur employee  Wendy Anderson at our Rochester Mine for the Trainer category 2012.
  • Our Kensington Mine in Alaska received the MSHA Sentinels of Safety Honorable Mention award in 2011 for no lost time accidents in 2010.
  • Coeur was recognized by the International Society of Mine Safety Professionals (ISMSP) with five national and international safety awards for its operations in North and South America: 
    • Palmarejo Mine, Chihuahua, Mexico - 1,233,880 employee hours worked without a lost time accident.
    • Rochester Mine, Lovelock, Nevada - 4 years and 813,036 employee hours worked without a lost time accident.
    • Coeur South America Exploration, Santiago, Chile - 6 years and 532,354 employee hours worked without a lost time accident.
    • Coeur Argentina Exploration, Gregores, Santa Cruz, Argentina - 3 years and 45,096 employee hours worked without a lost time accident.
    • Coeur Exploration, Temoris, Chihuahua, Mexico - 4 years and 213,465 employee hours worked without a lost time accident.

Community Involvement

A Coeur hallmark is its dedication and diligence in addressing both the social and environmental needs of the communities where we do business. We are global citizens with localized operations in Bolivia and Argentina, Alaska, Nevada and Mexico. We understand that each of those regions has their unique culture and the most important voice in the direction of their own futures. To that end, operating in a socially responsible manner has always been one of the most important requisites at Coeur.  We believe this is fundamental for the successful development of our new and existing projects, especially as we conduct our business around the world.

Quarterly CSR Newsletter

This philosophy of Corporate Social Responsibilty (CSR) has been integral to our success in all our operations. 

At San Bartolome silver mine in Bolivia, one of the largest pure silver mine in the world, we enjoy very strong relationships and support from the Cooperatives, the local governments, the mayor and the district government, from the governor on down. In Mexico, even prior to the assimilation of our new Palmarejo Silver Project, we implemented this strategy and built strong relationships there among the locals, who know we will proceed with the highest regard and respect to their local way of life.

For three years in a row Coeur Mexicana has received the prestigious Mexican Center for Philanthropy (CEMEFI) ESR Award for corporate social responsibility.  This award is a national recognition by over 170 Mexican charitable foundations acknowledging the exceptional work performed by Coeur Mexicana to secure the best entrepreneurial practices in the areas of company ethics, quality of life, environmental protection and its ongoing contributions to the community.

Connections to the Local Community 

Coeur Mexicana has in place legal agreements with local land holders (Ejidos) for exploration, operations and construction at Palmarejo.  Agreements have been made with local Ejidos Guazapares, Palmarejo and Agua Salada, which are legally ratified and registered with the Agrarian Registry. 

CSR Highlights

Coeur Mexicana has instituted an 8-person Social Responsibility Committee with employees from various departments including environmental, administration, safety and human resources.  The committee has focused its efforts on company ethics, community relations, environmental protection and quality of life.

Efforts in Mexico include construction of a kitchen and eating hall for elementary and primary school children in the village of Palmarejo and support of local schools; and infrastructue improvements and equipment purchased in Palmarejo, Guazapares, Los Llanos and Chinipas.   Other funding has gone to support major municipal infrastructure projects, like roads and bridges, and medical attention to the elderly in local communities.

In Bolivia, Coeur Manquiri and th eSan Bartolome mine were leading sponsors of numerous events surrounding the 200-year Bicentenary celebration last November in Potosi, the country's most historic and storied silver region.  At the ceremony, the new Governor of Potosi thanked Manquiri and its vision in having brought Ambassador Luzmila Carpio to Potosi for this event.  She is a local icon born in Potosi and serving as Evo Morales' Ambassador to France.

Environmental Stewardship

Coeur has a strong and award-winning history of environmentally responsible project development. We conduct all of our activities in such a manner as to protect the physical environment, our employees, and the general public. This begins with initial project planning, operations and throughout project reclamation and closure.  The Company is proud of the more than 23 national and international awards we have earned through our stewardship ethos which can simply be stated as: “Producing and Protecting.”

Our Environmental Policy:

The Company has a strong regard for environmental stewardship.  We conduct our activities in such a manner as to protect the physical environment in which we operate.  We comply with applicable enviromental and product safety laws and regulations and develop and implement a program to ensure compliance.  We are both responsible and responsive to the concerns of stakeholders relating to the environment.  

In carrying out our Environmetal Policy we:

  • Adhere to environmentally sound practices for cyanide managment;
  • Plan for and conduct reclamation which returns mined lands to productive land uses;
  • Conduct mining activities to minimize their effects on climate change; and
  • Manage mine waste safely and responsibly.

We develop, obtain, and disseminate pertinent information to our employees through on-going training programs to alert them to environmental, health and safety trends and concerns.

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