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New Gold's values guide every employee through the decisions of their workday. They are the principles and standards that form our workplace behaviour, drive the actions that we take and measure our successes.

  • Integrity: "Do the right thing."
  • Creativity: "Lead with innovation."
  • Commitment: "Deliver on our promises."
  • Developing our employees: "Committed to personal development."
  • Teamwork: "We will get things done better as a team."

Our people are of paramount importance to us. At New Gold, safety is an integral component of our corporate culture; accordingly we place a strong emphasis on safety training and development. We communicate our safety standards to employees through orientation sessions, first aid training, and on the job competency based technical skills. We remain vigilant in our efforts to lead the mining industry in health and safety practices, and also to make continuous improvements.

At New Gold, we believe that our company's success is a product of the success of our people. That is why we look to recruit skilled and innovative professionals who are committed to exploring their full range of abilities. As a growing company, we offer exciting challenges with opportunity for learning specialized skills. We specialize in the full range of mining techniques; our mines utilize heap-leach, dump-leach, open pit, underground and block caving methods. Work practices at New Gold are highly innovative and empowering for all employees. You will enjoy the team approach at New Gold.

As a New Gold employee, it is certain that you will enjoy a career with both the diversification of experiences and the stability of a large company, focused on quality and growth.

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Our People

Our people—both employees and contractors—are our greatest asset and the core of our success. We depend on skilled, hard-working and empowered people, and in return we seek to maintain a safety-first culture in which everyone is motivated to do the right thing to keep themselves and their colleagues healthy and injury-free.

Health and safety

While mining is regarded as a hazardous industry, safety procedures and site standards help to ensure that tasks and work practices are performed in a safe manner with minimal risk. We have established proven formal risk management processes that enable us to identify hazards, assess risk, determine appropriate control measures for those hazards and monitor the effectiveness of those controls. Training programs, safe work procedures, site housekeeping and operational standards are enforced, to improve workplace safety and minimize risk to people and equipment.

At every operation, we maintain highly trained, well equipped emergency response teams, with specialized skills in such areas as advanced first aid, vehicle rescue, fire fighting, and chemical spills and recovery.


We strive to create a culture of inclusivity and acceptance—of gender, race, cultural background, age and religion—that begins at the top, and carries through hiring, promotion and worker-to-worker relationships. In our host communities we are generally recognized as an employer of choice as a result of our competitive wages, above-average benefits and our policies of recognizing and rewarding employee performance and promoting from within.

Fair labour practices

Our commitment to fair and equitable labour practices extends through every facet of our operations. We adhere to the labour principles of the UN Global Compact and have identified employee development and teamwork as corporate values. We strive to include all levels of employees in decision-making processes and have never experienced strikes or lockouts in our operations.

Our Environment

At New Gold, we are committed to preserving the long-term health and viability of the natural environments affected by our operations by using resources efficiently, applying a precautionary, proactive risk-management approach to safeguarding the environment and preventing or mitigating the impacts of environmental incidents. Working with the appropriate government agencies, partners and key stakeholders, we ensure that our activities meet or exceed legal requirements and societal expectations.

We continually seek new strategies for enhancing our environmental performance, including programs to improve energy efficiency, reduce our carbon footprint and waste and minimize our use of water and other resources. At every stage of the mining life cycle, we apply best practices in environmental management. From the earliest site investigations, we carry out comprehensive environmental studies to establish baseline measurements for flora, fauna, land, air and water. During operations we promote the efficient use of resources, work to minimize environmental impacts and maintain robust monitoring programs, including groundwater and air quality. After mining activities are complete, our objective is to restore the land to an adequate level of productivity and to support sustainable land use.

Progressive reclamation

When a mine, or section of mined land is no longer used for mining we begin progressive reclamation to restore the disturbed land. We also rehabilitate historic mine sites that are found on our properties. We are committed to returning mined land to an overall improved condition after mining has ceased while preserving the heritage value of each site.

Energy management

Improving our energy efficiency both benefits the environment and brings inherent cost advantages. We are committed to minimizing greenhouse gas emissions in all our operations, through reducing energy consumption, to active reforestation and land-reclamation activities.

Cyanide management

Three New Gold mines use cyanide in mineral processing and we are always alert to the hazards associated with cyanide and the need for continual vigilance in its storage, management and use. In October 2010, New Gold was accepted by the International Cyanide Management Institute (ICMI) as a signatory to the International Cyanide Management Code (ICMC), which is renowned as the international benchmark for transporting, storing and using cyanide. The Mesquite Mine has been certified under ICMC. We expect that Cerro San Pedro and Peak will be certified by 2013.

Our Communities

At New Gold, we understand that our business success is dependent on the support of local communities. We strive to maintain relationships built on respect and trust, to align our goals with the interests of our host communities and to contribute to their cultural and economic health and welfare. Only by thoroughly understanding the people, their histories, and their needs and plans, can we ensure that the development process will be meaningful and beneficial to all.

Our Approach to Community Engagement

We begin to engage with local communities while a project is still in the development stage, and then continue to foster open communication with local residents and leaders, and other communities of interest throughout the mine's life and long after the mine's closure. At all times we work to be a full partner in the long-term sustainability of the communities and regions in which we operate.

Wherever our operations interact with indigenous peoples, we endeavour to understand and respect traditional values, customs and culture. We take meaningful actions to serve their development needs and priorities through collaborative agreements aimed at creating jobs, training and lasting socio-economic benefits.

Supporting Sustainable Development and Improving Quality of Life

All New Gold operations and projects preferentially hire locally and engage local services wherever possible as a means to create local direct and indirect economic benefits. Local hiring and purchasing generally makes good business sense. In addition, we provide apprenticeship training and education opportunities and support training programs locally and regionally, to support the development of career options in mining for local community members.

We make significant investments in community infrastructure projects, promote economic prosperity and foster local entrepreneurship, and support diversified local capacity building and economic development to ensure we leave a positive legacy in our host communities.

In every community in which we operate, we support initiatives that improve education, healthcare, the environment, and cultural resources—the cornerstones to better communities where people can live healthier, balanced lives. We are open and enthusiastic in our participation in programs, campaigns and organizations that foster caring and thriving communities.

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