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Teck is a diversified resource company committed to responsible mining and mineral development with major business units focused on copper, metallurgical coal, zinc and energy.

Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, its shares are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbols TCK.A and TCK.B and the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol TCK. Further information about Teck can be found at

Working at Teck

At Teck, we recognize that our ability to achieve our objectives is directly tied to the talents, skills and commitment of our employees.

The main focus of our human resources strategy is to recruit and support employee development, to enable people to fulfill the expectations of their jobs and to have employees who are strongly motivated, highly competent and successful.

Why Join Teck

Leadership, Strength and Innovation Employees are the Key to Our Company's Success

Teck is a leader in the mining and minerals processing industry and a high-quality employer. We are committed to being an environmentally and socially responsible company. We excel in operations management, and in technical development and innovation. We want to be your employer of choice!

Teck's size, locations, and job diversity provide our employees with excellent career and professional growth opportunities. Here's what we have to offer:

Challenging and rewarding work assignments: The dynamic business environments of our Company provide many exciting job opportunities. Employees are constantly challenged to find technical and business solutions that will improve the Company and its performance.

Commitment to developing our employees: Through participation in training programs, special project work, cross-functional assignments, and international postings, our employees are given ample opportunity to continually develop their technical, business, and people skills.

Interest in the career ambitions of employees: Through regularly scheduled discussions, employees explore their career interests with their supervisors and define concrete plans to develop their future careers.

Involvement in the community: Teck is an active partner in the communities in which we conduct our business by constructively participating in community affairs. In addition, we are committed to achieve high environmental standards and continually seek to improve our environmental performance.

Access to great recreational opportunities: Many of our operations are located near high quality recreational facilities, offering a range of activities to employees and their families. From outdoor recreation and sports, to arts and crafts, our employees have access to a wide variety of leisure activities.

We have great respect for the individual and high ambitions for all aspects of our business. By working with, listening to and developing our people, Teck and its employees will ensure our future success by confronting our challenges and meeting our business needs. 

Student and Grad Info

Where do you want your education to take you? A career at Teck will open the door to opportunity. Let your education further enrich your talents and skills – and we will work hard to help you become successful on the job.
If you are driven to succeed, are ambitious, self-motivated and are seeking a fast-paced, dynamic organization to work for – you’ve come to the right place. Talk to us at Teck and discover how to jump start your career.

Campus Recruiting: The Value of Experience

Teck provides employees the opportunity to learn and grow through on-the-job experience and training required to develop critical technical and personal effectiveness skills and competencies. We offer a diverse range of career opportunities in a variety of operating, technical and management roles. We also offer co-op, internships and summer employment. 

Career Fairs & Presentations

We attend Career Fairs and make presentations at many North American universities

Summer Students

Each of our operations hires summer students to fill either operating or technical positions. Summer student employment provides you with practical experience to supplement your education. To be eligible for a summer student job you must be registered in a post-secondary program (university, college or technical institute) and you must be returning to school in the Fall semester.
Summer student positions are typically four months in duration, starting in May until the end of August.
Applications for summer student jobs are accepted in early January and the positions are typically filled by the end of February.

Co-op Terms and Internships

Teck hires between 160 - 180 co-op students for Coal each year and 30 – 40 EIT. We offer you a diverse range of experience and relevant work to expand your learning.

We recruit from a number of universities across North America and across a broad range of disciplines including mining, mineral processing, chemical, civil, electrical, process control, metallurgical, environmental, and geological engineering as well as information systems and business management programs.

Co-op positions are normally posted on-line at your school through the Co-op Office and parallel the university schedules. Our co-op terms begin in January, May and September and run for either four or eight months.

Teck offers a competitive salary, as well as a co-op reimbursement fee policy whereby we will reimburse you for each 4-month co-op work term up to a maximum of $600 on successful completion of your work term.

New GradsCareers

If you want to realize your full potential and want challenging career opportunities then you have come to the right place. Teck hires approximately 20 undergraduate engineers each year. We recruit from many North American universities with mining and metallurgy programs.

We offer a dynamic business environment, providing exciting jobs that will constantly challenge you to find technical and business solutions.
We are committed to developing our employees and provide the opportunity to participate in training programs, special project work, and cross-functional assignments.

And if you like to continuously learn, then why not get your MBA while working for us. Teck has partnered with Simon Fraser University to offer our employees business and management training that leads to an MBA.

Lifestyle is important to us. We operate in some of the most beautiful areas in North America…great recreational opportunities are literally at your doorstep.


Join Our Team

Teck provides a positive experience and opportunity for Engineers through a 4-year Engineer-in-Training Program.
You will be provided with on-the-job experience and training required to develop critical technical and personal effectiveness skills and competencies. The development program provides a solid base of job experience and further training to prepare Engineers for line management or a technical career path.

The Engineer-in-Training Program is structured so that you can achieve your professional engineer and geologist certification requirements in the province that you are registered.

You will become an instant member of a technical team and be mentored by senior engineers who are committed to your success

Careers in Exploration

Dare to Dream: Career Opportunities and Challenges

Teck continuously strives to enhance our technical team through the addition of dedicated and discovery-driven geoscience professionals who “dare to dream”.
Teck has a diversified global team of geologists, geophysicists, geochemists, technicians and other key personnel, many of whom are recognized leaders in their fields of expertise.
We consistently complement and enhance our exploration team by hiring and training motivated and enthusiastic geoscience students who are looking for experience and career opportunities with a diversified, multidisciplinary team.
Teck actively participates in a variety of ongoing professional development programs, conferences, and seminars geared at maintaining our leadership role in staff training.
If you are interested in joining a highly professional, dedicated, discovery-driven team we encourage you to contact us to discuss your interests. "Dare to Dream" with us by pursuing career opportunities with Teck

Interview Tips

Teck uses a behavioural interviewing process.  In behavioural interviews you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge, skills and abilities, collectively known as ‘competencies’, by giving specific examples from your past experiences. A behavioural interview gives you the opportunity to show a prospective employer why you are well suited for the job.

Three Types of Skills that Employers Evaluate in a Behavioural Interview

Content Skills:  Knowledge that is work specific such as computer programming, accounting, welding, etc.
Functional or Transferable Skills:  Used with people, information or skills such as organizing, managing, developing, communicating, etc.
Adaptive or Self-Management Skills: Personal characteristics such as dependable, team player, self directed, punctual, etc.
Navigating your way through these interviews successfully requires that you know yourself completely. In short, you must be able to:

  • Analyze the type of positions for which you’re applying. What skills does the employer require?
  • Analyze your own background. What skills do you have (content, functional or transferable and adaptive or self-management) that relate to your job objective?
  • Identify specific examples from your past experience where you demonstrated those skills. How can you “tell a story” about your use of particular skills or knowledge? Concentrate on developing complete answers based on your problem, action and result. Remember that a good story has a beginning, middle and an end.
  • When ever possible, quantify your results. Numbers help illustrate your level of efficiency, effectiveness, productivity, authority and responsibility.
  • Be prepared to provide examples of when results did not turn out as you had planned. What did you do then?
  • Before starting the interview process, identify two to three of your top ‘selling points’ and determine how you will convey these points during the interview. Be sure to demonstrate your stories by providing the problem, action and result to each.

Employers that invest the time and energy in developing behavioural interviews often attract top quality candidates. In turn, top candidates and employees create for a more desirable place to work and represent a great company overall

Career Development

Teck places a high priority on the development of our people. We believe that it is people that will differentiate us from our competitors and drive our success.
Time and emphasis are spent on training and development programs and opportunities for our employees throughout the company. These programs have been developed to ensure that we have the necessary skills now and in the future to meet our business requirements, while at the same time meeting the career goals of individuals

Building Strength With People

We take pride in hiring the best employees - employees whose superb energy and dynamics help to build phenomenal teams. Teamwork is essential to success, whether it be with fellow employees, clients, or businesses. We expect that all Teck employees embrace the concept of strength through both individual performance and teamwork.
Our performance management program Building Strength with People reinforces this. The program helps to align employee’s career goals with the needs of the company, and has two key components: performance improvement and employee development.

Performance Improvement: Employees set performance objectives annually that help the company achieve business and operational goals. The supervisor provides ongoing feedback and guidance to ensure that the employee succeeds in achieving objectives.

Employee Development: Employees meet with their supervisor annually to discuss career development, future job opportunities and career options. The supervisor and employee have regular discussions about progress and commitment toward achieving objectives and development plans

Engineer Development Program

Our four-year Engineer Development program provides on-the-job training and development specific to each engineering discipline. In some cases, engineers are assigned to different operations to gain further experience.
A committee involving representatives from Teck, Teck and Highland Valley Copper oversees the Engineer Development Program, meeting regularly with new engineers to seek guidance on further improvements to the program

Leadership Program

Each of our operations and office locations provide programs to support the development of quality supervisory skills in our employees. At our corporate office in Vancouver, we have launched a six-day Leadership Program covering a number of issues important to front-line managers. Topics include leadership, interpersonal communications, change management, performance evaluation and employee development.

Technical Development

If you are looking for a technical career, then consider working at one of our research facilities. We have research facilities in Toronto, Vancouver and Trail, BC.
Our long history of technical excellence is evident in the many innovative and breakthrough technologies that we have developed.
Teck has a technical career progression that will develop your ability to apply basic scientific knowledge, resolve technical problems and participate in the enhancement and development of new products and technologies.
If you thrive in an environment where becoming a technical specialist and influencing the technical direction of the Company appeals to you, then talk to us about career opportunities.


More than 170 apprentices are employed at Teck’s Canadian operations. These apprentices work in a variety of trades training programs, including heavy duty mechanic, millwright and electrician. Through an innovative program developed by Teck and the College of the Rockies, trades apprentices are indentured by the College, allowing them to gain practical experience at Teck as well as with other employers in the region

Operator Development

Are you interested in working in a highly technical and challenging plant environment. If so consider the opportunities that we have available for process operators.
Each year Teck hires a number of process operators that control a series of actions in the operating plants to monitor the flow and movement of materials to make products for internal or external customers.
Local community colleges offer programs that provide the theoretical and practical skills required by process operators. These programs prepare students for entry-level positions in a variety of process-related industries and cover technical skills, hands-on activities, site tours/visits, and work experience opportunities.
In addition to the education provided by process operator programs, Teck will provide you with on-the-job training to ensure that you have the necessary skills required to safely and efficiently work in an operating position

Commitment to Employees

Teck’s employees drive the success and reputation of the Company. We are committed to ensuring that our employees receive superb professional development, fair rewards and that they enjoy a high level of workplace satisfaction. We are proud of our community-spirited environment.

Guiding Principles

We strive to provide workplaces that are free of discrimination and to ensure an employee’s abilities, skills, knowledge and interests govern advancement and professional development within the company’s business units. Additionally, the company strives to assist its employees in adjusting to variable work and home life demands and circumstances and to provide access to support services and wellness programs where possible.
Teck employees drive the Company’s success. In order to create vision and achieve our goals, we ensure that the Company’s management and our employees work together as a strong team and establish a symbiotic relationship to build stronger and more vivid objectives that help us to realize those goals

Core Values

The priority of Teck is to reaffirm its core values: integrity, excellence, discipline, commitment, teamwork, innovation and respect, that continue to guide the management team.
Core Values is a simple but powerful notion. They are perhaps best defined as the small set of principles that guide the way the people in an organization think and act. Core Values require no justification. They need not be kept up to date. They are the soul of the organization – the values that guide our decisions and actions

Rewarding Careers

The variety of work offered at Teck provides for a challenging, exciting and promising career path. In addition to competitive pay and an attractive compensation and benefits package, the Company offers other great rewards including incentives to excel and grow, rich training and development programs. We also believe in having fun – we host social functions and events for our employees and their families

Compensation and Benefits

Teck’s employees drive the success and reputation of the Company. We are committed to ensuring that our employees receive superb professional development, fair rewards and that they enjoy a high level of workplace satisfaction. We are proud of our community-spirited environment.

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