Ausdrill Pty Ltd

Ausdrill was founded in Kalgoorlie in 1987 and has grown to be one of the largest drilling services providers in Australia. With a focus on delivering excellence to our customers, we work with multiple commodities, a wide variety of drilling applications, and a depth of experience accumulated by our long-term employees. In all we do, safety and reliability are at the forefront of our service.

Our achievements include:

  • History of innovation and investment in designing, building and deploying rigs for specialised applications
  • Experts in lake drilling and difficult, hard-to-access areas
  • Pioneers in high-reach drilling and drilling at height
  • Specialists in exploration, drill and blast, grade control and geotechnical

We’ll continue to lead our industry with new technologies and techniques. We are always looking for safer ways to work and more cost-effective ways to drill, and exploring how innovation can tackle the next drilling challenge. We do all this across a broad range of commodities including, but not limited to, iron ore, coal, gold, nickel, copper, lithium, and manganese. As the resource industry begins to explore mining for the future, we plan on continuing our leadership position to consistently add value for our clients, our industry and our employees.

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