About Us

CMOC is an international natural resources company with a diverse portfolio of mineral assets.

CMOC International, a wholly owned subsidiary of CMOC, is a natural resources company focused on operating the international mining and mineral processing holdings of CMOC, including operations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Brazil, and Australia. Our world-class operations produce copper, cobalt, niobium, and phosphates. Our diverse portfolio of long-life assets positions us to address the world’s need for high quality metals and minerals.

CMOC International’s parent company, CMOC owns and operates the award-winning Sandaozhuang Mine which is one of the largest defined reserves of molybdenum and the second largest reserve of tungsten in the world. It feeds several tungsten and molybdenum processing facilities around the cities of Luanchuan and Luoyang in Henan Province.

CMOC is one of China’s largest molybdenum and tungsten producers. As the second largest producer of tungsten, CMOC produces just over 10 percent of China’s annual tungsten concentrate production.