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Across Competentia’s global offices, you will find teams united by a commitment to our customers’ experience, guided by a set of underlying values.

Our investment in their well being and personal development has helped to forge stable, tenured teams. This consistency of support and service remains the key to our customers’ success and to Competentia’s ongoing growth.
Our community of technical professionals is more than a resource, it is a community.

People don’t fit into databases; they don’t exist on paper or travel by e-mail. We sit at the center of a group of people with real needs in the real world. Our company was founded to meet these needs and to help our employees, contractors and clients to fulfill their potential and share success. When you choose Competentia, you become a part of this community.


Prospecting remote areas and undertaking drilling, mapping, sampling, measurements and analysis in search and appraisal of mineral deposits Pre-Feasibility Management


Determining if and how a project can be safe, environmentally sound, economically viable and socially responsible


Building site infrastructure, processing facilities, environmental management systems and personnel accommodation


Ore extraction and mineral recovery, including conveying, crushing, milling, smelting, transportation, shiploading and distribution



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