Many companies believe that employees are their most valuable asset. When you join Conuma Coal, you'll become our business partner. Conuma matches top-rate compensation with a generous bonus scheme and comprehensive benefits package. The health and safety of our employees is an uncompromising company value and Conuma continues to invest millions of dollars in technology and training to maintain our industry-leading safety record.

Whether it be building orphanages in Bolivia or supporting “our kids” and schools closer to home, Conuma Coal and its employees are committed to our ‘Pay it Forward’ program that assists a diverse range of fantastic causes. The vast majority of our employees choose to live locally in the adventure paradise of Northeastern BC, supporting the local economy while enjoying an extremely high quality of life and a welcoming community. If you’re searching for a career with as much challenge as reward, you’ll find yourself at home at Conuma Coal Resources.

Current Job Openings

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