Improving the Integration of New Canadians in Ontario Mining

Mining Industry Human Resources Council

M-PIN: The Mining Professional Immigrant Network

M-PIN is a free online and in person social network. It adapts, tests and evaluates innovative engagement methods to better integrate immigrant talent into the Ontario Mining industry by connecting employers with internationally trained professionals in search of meaningful employment.

What is M-PIN?

M-PIN provides a free online forum where members can create profiles, learn more about one another and network, as well as many free public networking meet ups and workshops. Hosted as a subgroup of MiHR’s social network ENSEMBLE: The Mining Diversity Network, the forum contains project information and resources such as a shared calendar, discussion forums, blog entries and job postings. The platform also hosts webinars to help inspire discussions amongst members on topics related to diversity and inclusion. The program also offers a customized training program for mining human resource practitioners that helps them better recognize and address potential barriers to employment for newcomers.

What does M-PIN offer?
  1. Build Networks
    Networking is an import skill that can greatly improve an internationally trained professional’s chances of getting meaningful employment in the Canadian mining industry. M-PIN enables this through its customized forum that connects them with employers. The program aims to modernize the recruitment approach for newcomer talent, thus creating more opportunities to diversify the labour market.
  2. Training
    M-PIN provides a mining-specific training program that focuses on topics such as diversity and inclusion, steps to achieving success and more. Through these and other training strategies, M-PIN will help employers formalize inclusive human resources policies and practices, with the intent of raising awareness of, and helping to reduce, possible barriers in common policies and practices. It will encourage employers to engage newcomer talent adaptively and professionally.
  3. Reduce Barriers and Increase Opportunity
    eLearning is available to M-PIN members that helps internationally trained professionals more easily and effectively adapt to Canadian workplace culture. Lessons on soft skills and customs will help reduce misunderstandings and possible communications barriers caused by cultural expressions.

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About MiHR

The Mining Industry Human Resources Council (MiHR) is Canada’s knowledge centre for mining labour market information (LMI). The Council produces LMI for industry stakeholders to enable the sector to address labour market challenges such as recruitment, retention, workforce diversification and training.

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