Engineering Manager

There are a wide range of specialised areas that an Engineering Manager may be involved in, including mining engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering amongst others.

Typical Duties

  • Leading and supervising a team of engineers
  • Plan and develop projects and oversee the production and quality control
  • Write performance reviews
  • Review, approve and modify products designs
  • Prepare budgets, bids and contracts
  • Project management including project planning, and the coordination and directing of projects
  • Handling of time lines, holding meetings, reviewing or creating of the project design or specifications
  • Meeting with management to discuss project specifications and procedures
  • Analyse technology, resource needs etc
  • Direct, review and approve project or product design and change
  • Account planning and resource planning and allocation
  • Confer with higher levels of management

Working Conditions

  • Engineering Managers will work in offices but also spent time on mine sites
  • Depending on the type of mine, they may work in the open above ground, or underground where it can be cramped
  • Engineering Managers must be prepared to travel and will often stay away from home for extended periods. They may be required to live on site away from home, or to work on a fly in fly out basis. FIFO commonly involves flying in for a certain period of time whilst the Engineering Manager would be on site, and then flying home for periods when they are off work
  • Engineering Managers may get to see the world as if working for large international companies, their job may involve international travel

Educational Requirements

  • In order to become an Engineer you would need to complete a university undergraduate degree in Engineering
  • These programs are typically 4 to 5 years in length
  • Should you be interested in a Research or Academic position, it will require a doctorate or master’s degree
  • Master’s degree programs are typically 2 year programs, and some of these programs require a written thesis for graduation
  • Engineering Managers will generally have to have a strong background in maths and science, especially chemistry and physics. They will also have to have strong problem solving abilities, as well as the ability to communicate effectively

Personal Attributes

  • Enjoy working with math, science and computers
  • Must be able to interact well with others and have natural leadership qualities
  • Be able to embrace new techniques and technologies
  • Be able to work under pressure
  • Have a good work ethic and be goal oriented
  • Interpersonal skills are important
  • Have a sense of adventure and be able to spend extended periods of time away from home


  • Engineering Managers earn very good salaries especially in mining
  • Engineers across the board are renowned to earn high salaries, with Engineering Managers earning in the higher ranges given their seniority
  • They spend many years studying, work hard and often have to make sacrifices in times of time spent away from their families, and for this reason it’s important that they are adequately compensated


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