Production Engineer

The Production Engineer would manage all challenges related to production, to ensure that optimum production results are achieved with regards to quality, quantity and the environment. The Production Engineer would achieve this by using various principles of engineering, technology, manufacturing and management science.

Typical Duties

  • Ensure that equipment and production processes run safely and cost effectively
  • Evaluate the production equipment and make sure that it’s as efficient as possible
  • Design, implement and refine products, services, processes and systems
  • Incorporate concepts and quality techniques
  • Work closely and oversee Technicians to solve problems with machinery
  • To be involved in energy consumption and controlling pollution levels
  • To handle and oversee quality assurance
  • Handle budgets and expenditure
  • Manage and optimize flow
  • Ensure project deadlines are met
  • Providing training and technical support to employees
  • Create computer simulations to model different ways in which production can occur
  • Compare different materials to find the right balance of quality, quantity and cost

Working Conditions

  • Production Engineers may work in offices or on mine sites
  • Depending on the type of mine, they may work in the open above ground, or underground where it can be cramped
  • Production Engineers must be prepared to travel and will often stay away from home for extended periods. They may be required to live on site away from home, or to work on a fly in fly out basis. FIFO commonly involves flying in for a certain period of time whilst the Production Engineer would be on site, and then flying home for periods when they are off work
  • Production Engineers will often get to see the world as if working for large international companies, their job may involve international travel

Educational Requirements

  • Students interested in becoming a Production Engineer should take courses in mathematics and science in high school
  • A Bachelor’s of engineering degree is normally required
  • Production Engineers will generally have to have a strong background in maths and science, especially chemistry and physics
  • They will also have to have strong problem solving abilities, as well as the ability to communicate effectively
  • On the job training and experience of manufacturing processes are essential
  • Thorough knowledge of engineering, scientific and other technical issues related to production is required

Personal Attributes

  • Have excellent technical knowledge and electrical systems experience
  • Have a knowledge of statistic
  • Have very good problem solving skills
  • Prioritise tasks
  • Enjoy working with math, science and computers
  • Have an elevated sense of respect for safety procedures and regulations
  • Be able to embrace new techniques and technologies
  • Be able to work under pressure
  • Have a good work ethic and be goal oriented
  • Have a sense of adventure and be able to spend extended periods of time away from home


  • Production Engineers typically earn very good salaries
  • Engineers across the board in mining are renowned to earn high salaries, and Production Engineers are no exception
  • They spend many years studying, work hard and often have to make sacrifices in times of time spent away from their families, and for this reason it’s important that they are adequately compensated


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