Shaft / Hoist Engineer (East Tennessee Mines)

Nov 27, 2019
Jul 21, 2020
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The Mine Shaft / Hoist Engineer will provide the leadership, coordination, and effort to ensure the Mine's shaft and hoisting systems work reliably and efficiently and comply to the mines regulations; the equipment, processes, facilities, and safety systems associated have an engineered solution to repetitive failures that adversely affect the operation. Problems include capacity, quality, cost or regulatory compliance issues. The Hoist Engineer will work in an orderly and proactive manner based on principles of reliable design and preventive/predictive maintenance practices.


Safety, Health, Environment, and Community

  • Promote awareness and comply with site standards and procedures in SHEC and the Mines Regulations
  • Demonstrate effective performance in achieving agreed SHEC goals in support of the department, site and company standards
  • Demonstrates leadership in SHEC through personal behaviors and conversations, and ensuring that the Asset Management team report all SHEC incidents and participate in SHEC initiatives
  • Provide clear expectations on performance in SHEC through setting objectives in SHEC for employees and contractors
  • Take responsibility for the safety of all personnel, including yourself, at Nyrstar Tennessee Mines

Maintenance Strategies
Achieve Asset Management targets by:

  • Lead, coordinate and ensure equipment is maintained up to design specifications followed by procurement, conformance and fabrication support for hoisting equipment including but not limited to hoists, shaft conveyances, sheaves, catch gear/arrestors, hoist ropes and hoist rope attachments.
  • Contribute to hoisting systems designs and modifications including hoisting schematics, calculations including duty cycles, equipment sizing, and certification of the systems
  • Lead and coordinate efforts to ensure the Mine's shaft and hoisting systems work reliably and efficiently according to design and specification; headframes and surface hoisting infrastructure design as well as the concrete and steel and any other shaft related infrastructure as loading systems, shaft guides, etc, are maintained.
  • Lead and coordinate maintenance planned actions by communicating with upper management, mechanical and electrical maintenance personnel, mine engineers, designers, procurement, and teams to ensure the preventive maintenance and scheduled downs are delivered according to safety, quality, schedule, and budget

Achieve processing targets by:

  • Coordinating effective short and long-term maintenance planning and scheduling
  • Achieve effective preventative and breakdown maintenance procedures and systems
  • Liaising with warehouse and suppliers (if appropriate) regarding parts and consumables requirements and plans
  • Continually reviewing the most appropriate maintenance procedures, methods, techniques, equipment, and plans
  • Coordinate with maintenance personnel
  • Monitoring actual performance against targets and assist in corrective action to maintain targets

Provide progressive Processing operations through:

  • Keeping up to date with new developments in techniques and data processing for maintenance of equipment
  • Reviewing and implementing new techniques and procedures that will streamline maintenance processes as appropriate
  • Submission of proposals for more effective and efficient procedures and methods.
  • Support for and adherence to the Nyrstar Values and Behavior expectations

People and Organization

  • Actively participate in the Asset Management department team to support and promote agreed decisions of the department
  • Provide and ensure effective leadership, performance management, career development and succession planning of section personnel
  • Ensure skill level requirements of section personnel are maintained to enable achievement of the annual plan
  • Ensure effective discipline, communication, and relationships within the team and between teams
  • Consistently apply Workplace Management Procedures to ensure compliance with policies, procedures, and visions and values


  • Comprehensive knowledge of the Mines Regulations specifically to the hoisting
  • Maintenance, operation and repair of underground mining hoisting equipment
  • 7-10 years' experience in maintenance of hoisting systems within mining, construction, or OEM environment
  • 5 years' experience in a supervisory role
  • Ability to detect, diagnose, and repair mine shaft and hoisting systems
  • Recognize mine hazards and safety equipment sufficient to make use of mining procedures and techniques to maintain safety and take remedial action to prevent hazards
  • Direct work to ensure that equipment is operational and safety practices are followed
  • Appropriate trade or related qualification in maintenance of mechanical and electrical equipment or a related discipline
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the Mines Regulations
  • Experience in leading others, with exposure to current leadership theory and team management practice


Skills & Abilities

  • Excellent technical knowledge and skills, including a broad understanding of mechanical maintenance and electrical and control systems concepts, with an ability to coach and foster talent in others
  • Strong organizational and conceptual planning and operational skills with ability to communicate vision to others
  • Well-developed communication and interpersonal skills and a "team-oriented" approach to the achievement of tasks
  • Proficiency in relevant software SAP and MS Office Suite

Behavioral Competencies

  • Demonstrated high regard for safe-working rules and procedures, with evidence of careful consideration of risk-factors in undertaking any initiative
  • Proven orientation to results with ability to maintain focus on key areas
  • Honesty, integrity, a sense of urgency and an open approach to interpersonal relations at work

This is a non-management position
This is a full time position

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