Mine Nurse

NV, United States
Feb 20, 2021
Mar 22, 2021
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The Mine Nurse is responsible for the development and administration of efficient and professional operations of occupational health services. Specifically, the successful candidate will administer primary prevention of injury or disease by identifying the need to assess and plan interventions to modify environments, systems of work or change working practices in order to reduce the risk of hazardous exposure.


•Collaborates with relevant departments in the identification, conception and correction of work factors, choice of individual protective equipment, prevention of mine wide injuries and diseases as well as environmental health issues

•Identifies early changes in working practices, and worker concerns over health and safety and present such to management thus acting as catalyst for changes in the workplace that lead to primary prevention

•Provide initial emergency care of workers injured at work prior to transfer of injured worker to hospital or the arrival of the external emergency services

•Monitor employees with chronic diseases and follow up on their treatment requirements.

•Assist in investigations regarding any outbreaks and increasing illnesses on the mine and communicate with Safety and Health Superintendent and Safety and Health Manager

•Assess workers' health care needs and establish a nursing diagnosis and formulate appropriate nursing care plans to meet the needs

•Helps administer the site drug and alcohol testing

•Plan rehabilitation strategies to ensure safe return to work for employees who have been absent from work due to ill health or injury

•Provides advice on a wide range of health issues and particularly on their relationship to working ability, health and safety at work

•Reports all the Health Care Program activities to the Safety and Health Superintendent

•Follow up with supervisors that all the defects detected during the medical examinations are corrected and monitored.

•Assist in managing corrective and preventive actions emanating from drills and emergency responses and maintain records and reports;


•Bachelor's degree or Diploma in Nursing

•Three (3) to five (5) years Occupational Health and Primary Health Nursing experience preferred

•Experience in emergency procedures at an open pit mining operation preferred

•Understanding of state regulations applicable to occupational environmental health and safety

•Proven calmness in crisis situations / trauma handling skills

•A high level of competence in Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint and experience with safety management systems.

•Ability to maintain a high level of confidentiality at all times.

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