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Aug 27, 2022

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At First Quantum, we free the talent of our people by taking a very different approach which is underpinned by a very different, very definite culture - the "First Quantum Way".

Working with us is not like working anywhere else, which is why we recruit people who will take a bolder, smarter approach to spot opportunities, solve problems and deliver results.

Our culture is all about encouraging you to think independently and to challenge convention to deliver the best result. That's how we continue to achieve extraordinary things in extraordinary locations.

Job description:
General Role Purpose (brief description of this job)
Creating value from business driven data and analytics initiatives. An important task for the Data & Analytics Translator is to support the business and other stakeholders in their data-driven objectives. This means they will support the business during various stages:
  • In the inspiration phase - help the business in identifying the right use cases and support prioritization based on feasibility and value.
  • In the ideation phase - help with the development of a minimum viable product and business case.
  • During the implementation phase - make sure the service or product is adopted (by the employees), embedded in the workflow (process) and measured for impact
    Raise the level of data literacy in the organization . To become data driven the organization needs employees who can "speak data." Data literacy is defined as " The ability to read, write and communicate data in context, including an understanding of data sources and constructs, analytical methods and techniques applied, and the ability to describe the use-case application and resulting value ." Activities include the education and coaching of the employees to become more "data-savvy" and facilitating data-centric business thinking.
    Qualifications (required for job) & Knowledge & Experience
    Education & Experience
    • Undergraduate degree or master's degree in analytics, computer modelling, science, or math.
    • Five years' relevant experience or equivalent.
    • A background in Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Information Management, or Economics can serve as a solid foundation.
    • Proficiency in Spanish and English is highly regarded.
    • Proven working experience in data analysis
      Soft skills
      The D&A translator needs to be highly proficient in soft skills:
      • Communication , conveying information to diverse audiences in a way that is easily understood and actionable.
      • Facilitation , hosting sessions to elicit ideas from others, understand their issues and encourage group participation.
      • Creative thinking , framing new concepts that spur use case ideation for business participants and brainstorming with business users about future product and services.
      • Teamwork , working with both business domain teams as well as D&A teams and IT staff.
      • Collaboration , fostering group problem solving and solution creation with business and technical team members.
      • Relationship management , creating relationships and builds trust with internal and external stakeholders quickly.
      • Storytelling , by creating a consistent storyline for better understanding and raising literacy.
      • Influencing , by asserting ideas and persuading others to gain support across an organization or to adopt new behaviors.
      • Presentation , comfort with public speaking and the ability to creatively and concisely express idea to business and technical audiences.
        Data & Analytics Skills
        The D&A translator needs to have a good understanding of the concepts, methods and techniques used:
        • Analytics , for example diagnostic, descriptive, predictive and prescriptive.
        • Data management, for example data integration (ETL) or metadata
        • Data structures , for example structured, semi-structured and unstructured data.
        • Data governance , for example, data quality and data stewardship practices.
        • Statistical skills , for example understanding the difference between correlation and causation.
          Technology Skills
          The D&A translator needs to have a basic understanding of the tools and technologies in the D&A team:
          • Programming languages like SQL, Python.
          • Data integration tools like Informatica
          • Analytics and Business Intelligence tools like Microsoft Power BI
            Domain Skills
            The D&A translator needs to have a good understanding of the business process and associated data:
            • Business Acumen , for example understanding business concepts, practices and business domain language to engage in problem solving sessions and discuss business issues in stakeholder language.
            • Business Process Transformation , for example ability to understand how D&A can help redesign the way work is done.
            • Business data, for example the structure, ownership and use within an organization (Call detail records in telco, point of sales in retail, etc.).
            • Other Skills
              The D&A translator needs to have a basic understanding of generic methods and techniques such as:
              • Project management capabilities , for example understanding of project management concepts to organize their own work and the ability to collaborate with project managers to align business expectations with the D&A team delivery capabilities. For this, the role can collaborate with project managers.
              • Business case development , for example to help develop support for the experimenting selected use cases or measure the impact/business value created. For this, the role can collaborate with business analysts.
              • Decision modelling , for example, supports decision makers and improves complicated decisions that involve trade-offs among alternative courses of action by using decision-problem models. For this, the role can collaborate with decision engineers.
              • UX/design , for example by creating products and visualizations that are easy to work with and support the activities required by the end users.
                Core Specific Responsibilities & Expected Deliverables
                • Using automated tools to extract data from primary and secondary sources
                • Removing corrupted data and fixing coding errors and related problems
                • Developing and maintaining databases, data systems - reorganizing data in a readable format
                • Performing analysis to assess quality and meaning of data
                • Filter Data by reviewing reports and performance indicators to identify and correct code problems
                • Using statistical tools to identify, analyze, and interpret patterns and trends in complex data sets that could be helpful for the diagnosis and prediction
                • Assigning numerical value to essential business functions so that business performance can be assessed and compared over periods of time.
                • Analyzing local, national, and global trends that impact both the organization and the industry
                • Preparing reports for the management stating trends, patterns, and predictions using relevant data
                • Working with programmers, and management heads to identify process improvement opportunities, propose system modifications, and devise data governance strategies.
                • Preparing final analysis reports for the, enabling decision-making.
                  • Develop strategies for effective data analysis and reporting.
                  • Define company-wide metrics and relevant data sources.
                  • Conduct analysis to support the business in making data driven decisions and actions.
                  • Use systematic approach and collaboration with internal and external teams to investigate, analyze, and recommend improvement.
                  • Work with our business stakeholders supporting them by identifying and analyzing valuable information and helping them to translate data into insights.
                  • Perform other related duties as required
                    Behavioral Traits / Personal Characteristics
                    • Bolder: Flexible, versatile, and prepared to take on challenges as needed.
                    • Smarter: always looks for efficiencies and better ways of doing things
                    • Driven: Sets high standards, is motivated and determined.
                    • Together: communicates well with peers and understand others views.
                      Operational Requirements
                      Cobre Panama is a remote site. This exciting position is based off-site and will be focusing on driving and delivering operational accountability and ownership across various units at Cobre Panama site. Rosters and working hours may vary depending on business requirements and occasional travel to the site is required.
                      Environmental Responsibilities
                      • Comply with current environmental regulations in Panama
                      • Comply with the commitments contained in the Environmental Impact Studies and other additional studies in this regard, which apply to your area and activities.
                      • Comply with the provisions of the Minera Panama Environmental Management System.

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