“Good mines and good people are the foundation of our growth.” - John McCluskey, President and CEO

Our employees bring integrity, technical knowledge,

and a willingness to learn, which enables us to welcome new challenges. As the growth of Alamos Gold continues, we are looking for driven professionals who exhibit loyalty and a passion for the mining industry. We seek individuals who strive to make the most of their experience at Alamos Gold while helping us build upon our existing successes.

By joining Alamos Gold, you’ll become an integral part of our team. One which embraces diversity strives for the highest standards and applauds our milestones. In 2012 we celebrated a record year, during which we produced our one-millionth ounce of gold, generated our billionth dollar of revenue, and posted industry-leading margins.

We support our employees and their careers by providing rewarding roles, placing an emphasis on recognition of professional potential, and opportunities for further development. We offer competitive remuneration and comprehensive benefits packages.

Our commitment to principles of sustainable development has been a critical factor in our success to date, enabling us to maintain our social license from a broad range of stakeholders, including our employees, our shareholders, and our host communities and countries.



Alamos Gold is committed to the highest standards of sustainable development. We are mindful and respectful of the communities around which we operate, and contribute to the improvement of their standard of living. We are also committed to the safekeeping of our employees, making safety one of our top priorities. We have also made a habit of exceeding industry environmental standards, having received multiple certifications and recognitions for our operations in Mexico.

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