Carlin Mobile Maintenance Mechanic (Tech 4 or Higher)

Carlin, Nevada, United States
Apr 07, 2021
May 07, 2021
Full Time
Nevada Gold Mines is seeking an Mechanic I (4) to join our Carlin Surface Maintenance team.


  • Works as a team member.
  • Works effectively with other crews.
  • Works effectively with other departments.
  • Demonstrate safe and environmentally sound work practices.
  • Respects others' work styles and ideas.
  • Actively pursues development of self and others.
  • Offers constructive solutions to problems and issues.
  • Preventative Maintenance - Change oil in all compartments, Grease the machines, Install filters.
  • Welding - ** Basic welding (small repairs) - Demonstrate proper use of cutting torch, Choose proper setting and wire for welding sheet metal, Proper installation of wear material. (Liners, wear plate and GET), Properly complete weld by using standard structural or mild steel welding procedures, Inspection for quality of repair, Properly complete the weld using weld procedures, Choose properly method of removing the cap (reinforcement), Clean up work area, Remove LOTO
  • Electrical - ** Basic electric trouble shooting including reading schematics - Use a digital multimeter to take simple readings including Voltage, Continuity, Resistance, Amperage, Describe the difference between a Series and Parallel circuit, Can demonstrate the ability to use a test light, Demonstrate the ability to locate the proper symbol legend and apply it to reading a schematic, Ability to visually inspect wiring harness for visual clues to solve the fault, Ability to identify positive and negative terminals on an Alternator and Starter, Ability to determine the difference between a basic electrical circuit and a basic electronic control circuit, Have a basic understanding of ohms law.
  • Hydraulic - ** Basic hydraulic troubleshooting including reading schematics - Identify the common components of a Hydraulic tank and their function, Describe the characteristics and functions of hydraulic fluid, Explain and demonstrate the basic hydraulic fundamental principles (Pressure x Area equals Force), Explain the different types of Pumps and their operation, Explain the different types of Motors and their operation, Explain and demonstrate the effects of flow thru an orifice, Identify the four common pressure control valves, identify their components and their operation, Identify the characteristics of the vented and the pressurized hydraulic tanks, Identify the six different directional control valves and explain their function
  • Equipment Operation - Operate boom truck
  • Engine - Change alternator belts, Change fan belts.
  • Component - Replace drivelines and U-joints.
  • Frame & Body - Blade swaps.
  • Computer/Manuals - Be able to identify correct parts in parts book, Be able to read and understand service manual, Have basic Ellipse skills, building & closing W/Os.
  • Hydraulic - Change pumps.
The above duties and responsibilities are representative of the nature and level of work assigned and are not necessarily all-inclusive