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As a Capstone Mining Corp. employee you will become part of a supportive, performance-driven and dynamic environment. You will be given the opportunity to expand your knowledge and skill set working alongside dedicated employees from a variety of backgrounds and cultures.

We place the highest priority on employee safety, protecting the environment and enhancing the development of the communities where we operate. By joining the Capstone team, you will be become part of an inclusive team where you will be supported in your career growth through training, diverse opportunities and professional development.

If this sounds like your type of working environment, and you want to be part of an exciting and expanding company then we want to hear from you.

To learn about employment opportunities at the Head Office in Vancouver, Canada, please contact:

Human Resources, Vancouver Head Office


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Code of Ethics

Capstone Mining has a Code of Ethics policy that applies to all employees. Employees are expected to maintain and enhance the company's standing as a vigorous and ethical member of the business community, and are held accountable for compliance with this policy.

Health and Safety Policy

Capstone Mining Corp. believes that the health and safety of its employees is fundamental to its business operation. Work related injury or illness is unacceptable and the company is committed to the identification, elimination or control of workplace hazards for the protection of all employees. The goal is to have zero lost time accidents. The company is committed to implementing operational improvements that offer superior safety and occupational health management.

For the company to succeed in fulfilling this policy, all employees must undertake their work in accordance with this policy to the best of their ability and to take all reasonable care for their own safety and health, as well as the health and safety of their work colleagues.

Safety Cap

As such, Capstone Mining Corp. commits to the following:

  • Providing the expertise and resources needed to maintain safe and healthy work environments.
  • Promote that occupational Health and Safety awareness is always at the forefront of daily operations.
  • Establishing clearly defined safety and occupational health programs.
  • Measuring safety and health performance, and making improvements as warranted.
  • Operating in accordance with recognized industry standards, while complying with local and international applicable regulations and laws.
  • Investigating the causes of accidents and incidents, and developing effective and immediate preventative and remedial action.
  • Training employees to carry out their jobs safely and productively. No employee will be permitted to commence a job without the requisite training.
  • Maintaining a high degree of emergency preparedness.
  • Requiring that contractors and vendors comply with all company health and safety standards.
  • Promote the Health & Safety Policy as a way of life in all aspects at our mines, project work sites, and in our family and local community.

Environmental Policy

Capstone Mining Corp., along with its subsidiaries, is committed to maintain sound environmental practices in all of its activities and to continuously improve the efficient use of resources, processes and materials.

For the company to succeed in fulfilling this policy, all employees are responsible for incorporating into their work the actions necessary to take all reasonable care for the protection of the environment.


As such, Capstone Mining Corp. and its subsidiaries commit to the following:

  • Examine the potential impact to the environment of all proposed activities and take steps to minimize or, where possible, eliminate that impact.
  • Operate in accordance with recognized industry standards, while complying with local and international applicable regulations and laws.
  • On a regular basis, determine the Company's impact to the environment and, through continuous improvement, strive to attain higher levels of environmental performance.
  • Minimize all hazardous and non-hazardous materials generation and ensure the proper disposal of all wastes.
  • Maintain a high level of environmental protection by applying reasonable best practices and technologies that minimize impacts and enhance environmental quality in respect of bodies of water, air, vegetation and wildlife.
  • Maintain dialogue with the communities and other stakeholders within the area of influence in order to understand their concerns, minimize negative impacts and to enhance environmental quality.
  • Progressively rehabilitate disturbed areas, where appropriate, and develop closure plans that can continuously improve and incorporate new technologies where practical.
  • Train and educate all employees to understand their environmental responsibility related to all activities related to the Company's operations and activities.
  • Require contractors and suppliers to operate according to Company's environmental standards and procedures.
  • Consider environmental factors when purchasing equipment and materials.