Maintenance Short-Term and Long-Term Planner

Miami, AZ, United States
Feb 13, 2021
Mar 15, 2021
Full Time

Responsible for (including but not limited to) all aspects of the development of both the long-term inlying maintenance plan and the short-term, weekly (day to day) inlying maintenance work centers scheduling to ensure inlying maintenance work tasks, activities and functions are optimized to achieve equipment performance; and to ensure goals and KPI’s for HSEC, Production, Maintenance, Quality and Cost are achieved for the overall Processing area and for Planning Maintenance. In addition, this position also provides timely and accurate reporting for the area as required. The Planner also works with the Reliability, Condition Monitoring and Planning Senior Supervisor to determine the overall strategy and plans for the department and provides expertise, knowledge and guidance for maintenance related to predictive and preventive maintenance; equipment reliability and condition monitoring, etc.


Inlying Maintenance Superintendent


(Key departments, External Groups):


  • All production, maintenance and support departments as needed to accomplish tasks


  • Contractors and Vendors


(Name of Position):


  • N/A

  • Ensure all vendors and contractors are working in compliance with all Pinto Valley Mine standard operating procedures.
  • Ensure that all employees and contractors are certified to execute the tasks/jobs they are assigned.
  • Conduct Planning and Scheduling activities safely and in accordance with E-SAP Work Management processes, and adheres to relevant regulations, laws, standards and operating procedures.
  • Deliver against performance targets and budgets for Safety, Planning, Equipment Availability, and Cost.
  • Partner with Facilities Maintenance Supervisor and crew in field and ensures that critical controls for material risks are being correctly and uniformly applied and used by all teams.
  • Plan work according to equipment strategies, in addition to corrective work approved by the Facilities Maintenance Supervisor.
  • Provide input into long-term planning (Resource Development Plan, 5 year plan, etc.) and achieve goals and targets for the Facilities Maintenance planning sub-functions in line with those plans (2 year budget and short-range forecast, etc.).
  • Ensure equipment servicing is scheduled in accordance with intervals and standards.
  • Prepare long-term plans and short-term schedules that allow for the appropriate utilization and management of equipment and resources.
  • Assign resources and develop work schedules for facilities maintenance to ensure Maintenance plans are executed on time and on budget.
  • Engage and support other planners to deliver against performance targets and to achieve sustainable and consistent performance.
  • Prepare for and participate in weekly, monthly, and long-term project planning and scheduling meetings.
  • Prepare for, participate in and/or lead Down Day Planning Meetings for respective area.
  • Follow-up and report on Down Day execution and progress with Senior Supervisors and Supervisors for respective areas (as per Down Day Schedule).
  • Conduct Down Day Post Mortem Meetings to review and document issues, actions, learnings, etc.
  • Identify, order and/or schedule resources required for planned tasks; including parts, equipment, materials, tools, procedures, documents and external resources, etc.
  • Coordinate material and component deliveries and arrange for any special tools, equipment, drawings, and other needs prior to scheduled jobs commencing.
  • Maintain and assist in developing and/or reviewing standard jobs / task lists / safe work instructions, etc.
  • Prioritize work orders in E-SAP Maintenance Management System.
  • Prepare weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. work orders in E-SAP Maintenance Management System.
  • Identify estimated man-hours required for work orders.
  • Identify available man-hours for planned work activities.
  • Manage the E-SAP Maintenance Management System work order and maintenance tracking system (as required).
  • Assist in invoice reviews and payment approvals (as required).

Short-Term Planner/Schedulerwill perform the following tasks (including but not limited to):
  1. 2-Week Look-Ahead:
    • Verify equipment availability for week / to be scheduled
    • Review / re-confirm manpower schedule (Capacity Loading)
    • Update schedule to reflect actual labor hours available
    • Review / confirm weekly work orders are ready to be scheduled
    • Review work orders not planned and Work orders waiting for parts, etc.
  2. Develop Daily / Weekly Schedule (detailed):
    • Schedule Work Orders that are ready to be scheduled
    • Includes break-downs as appropriate
    • Verify spare parts and resources available
    • Materials are verified before scheduling work
  3. Review and validate clarity of work orders / work requests
  4. Define and/or review scope of work to be completed
  5. Produce cost estimates as required
  6. Conduct job site review where necessary
  7. Estimate labor hours and materials required
  8. Build plans that minimize equipment downtime
  9. Initiate the interface between maintenance and other business areas to develop an integrated plan
  10. Print / deliver work orders to appropriate maintenance work area
  11. Create Purchase Requisitions
  12. Look for opportunities for Service Contracts when appropriate

  • In addition to or including, the Short-Term Planner will perform all System for Managing (SFM) activities as per the SFM Short-Term Planner Behavior Model (as required). See SFM Short-Term Planner Model for additional detail.

Long-Term Planner will perform the following tasks (including but not limited to):
  1. Develop Quarterly Plan (three month rolling):
    • Develop and/or review Preventive Maintenance Program
    • Develop and/or plan for major equipment repairs
    • Internal (In-house) and External (Contractor) work included
    • Includes Downtime and Capacity loading
    • Equipment Availability
  2. Develop Monthly Plan (2 to 12 week rolling)
    • Review and update planned availabilities 12 weeks out
    • Review and update capacities 12 weeks out (Capacity Loading)
    • Input planned schedule for PM’s - Preventive Maintenance Program
    • Input Planned Schedule for Major Repairs
    • Input Backlog W.O.’s planned and released
    • Based upon all input, recalibrate availabilities
    • Build up larger jobs, such as planned component replacements, major repairs, etc. through the 2 to 12 process to more effectively plan and prepare for job execution
    • Conduct a weekly review of the 2-12 week maintenance schedule with appropriate functions
    • Review all jobs to be planned and develop detailed job scopes by communicating and interfacing, when appropriate, with Concentrator Maintenance management and supervision regarding specific parts required, tasks to be performed, processes and labor hours required
  3. Develop 4 Week Look-Ahead Plan:
    • Reconfirm planned equipment availabilities 4 weeks out
    • Reconfirm, update capacities 4 weeks out (Capacity Loading)
    • Confirm personnel and equipment resources – 4 - week look-a-head
    • Reconfirm & Input Backlog W.O.’s planned and released
    • Create Purchase Requisitions
    • Develop Material Catalog
    • Look for opportunities for Service Contracts when appropriate
  • In addition to or including, the Long-Term Planner will perform all System for Managing (SFM) activities as per the SFM Long-Term Planner Behavior Model (as required). See SFM Long-Term Behavior Model for additional detail.
  • Support initiatives to optimize existing business systems, processes, practices, and equipment to improve the overall performance of the function.
  • Behave in a way that demonstrates support of Capstone’s Vision and Values: Always Accountable, Execute with Excellence, Deliver Results and Work Responsibly
  • Responsible for but not limited to all tasks/duties assigned or required.


  • Detailed knowledge of maintenance / facilities planning and scheduling, preferably in a mining environment (with Facilities, Concentrator, SXEW, Tailings, etc. equipment).
  • Detailed knowledge of theories and practices of maintenance / facilities planning and scheduling.
  • Experience and knowledge of predictive and preventive maintenance processes and practices.
  • Experienced maintenance planner/scheduler, craftsperson, maintenance supervisor, engineer, or have equivalent background and experience.

Key Competencies / Skills
  • Minimum of five years as a professional guiding and influencing practice in facilities/maintenance planning areas.
  • Minimum of three to five years of experience in Maintenance Planning & Scheduling, preferably facilities maintenance (open pit mining preferred).
  • Successfully completed in-house testing and certifications when required.
  • Proven ability to operate independently and in small multi-discipline teams, demonstrated leadership skills, and be self-motivated.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills required.
  • Strong time management skills required.
  • Intermediate to Proficient computer skills, spreadsheets (Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook).
  • SAP experience (familiarity with SAP planning module, Asset Management a plus).
  • Valid Arizona Driver's License

  • Able to speak, comprehend, read, and write English


  • 80% of the Maintenance Short-Term and Long-Term Planner’s time will be spent working on strategies, plans and schedules; with the remaining 20% spent in the field.