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As we continue to grow Copper Mountain Mining Corporation, there are many career development opportunities available for motivated and goal-oriented individuals.

Work with us and you will benefit from the mentorship and guidance of experienced professionals because we understand that in order to accomplish our goals, we must work as a team and rely on the effort of every team member.

Corporate Governance

The Board of Directors and management of Copper Mountain Mining Corp consider the highest standards of corporate governance to be an important factor in the effective operation of the Company. At Copper Mountain, we have always believed the Company should be managed in an ethical manner and, as such, we have in place a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics for our executives, employees and shareholders to view.

We believe that practicing plain disclosure and maintaining communication with all of our stakeholders will continue to encourage confidence in our business practices.

Health & Safety

At Copper Mountain Mining Corporation, we are committed to achieving the highest standards of mine safety and health for all our business activities. This is reflected in our Health & Safety Policy.

health safety

The safety and health of all employees and contractors is of the utmost priority to Copper Mountain’s management. Training programs, safe work procedures, site housekeeping and operational standards are enforced at Copper Mountain Mining Corporation, to ensure that all work is undertaken in a safe manner with minimal risk to employees and equipment.

Environment & Sustainability

Copper Mountain Mining Corporation recognizes that mining is a temporary land use activity and, therefore, incorporates environmental management into all of our business activities. Managing environmental responsibilities is an integral component in ensuring that the sustainability of our current and future operations is maintained.

Copper Mountain Mining Corporation is committed to returning the land to an overall improved condition after mining has ceased while preserving the heritage value of each site. As part of this commitment, consultation with community groups is carried out during the development stage of rehabilitation plans to ensure that the needs of all stakeholders are taken into account. This is reflected in our Environmental Policy.

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