Senior Process Engineer

NC, United States
Sep 12, 2022
Sep 26, 2022
Full Time
Senior Process Engineer: Chemical Operations

This company is seeking a Senior Process Engineer with ten plus years of experience in

Inorganic Chemicals Manufacturing from an operations perspective. Successful candidates

should have project delivery experience and be well versed with Inorganic Chemicals Manufacturing

from an Operations point of view, or from a Project Delivery perspective.

Candidates must be well versed in fundamental understanding of the unit operations of the

lithium hydroxide manufacturing plant:

•High temperature ore calcination

•Hyperbaric alkaline pressure leaching, autoclave work



•Ion exchange

•Drying and Packaging

Senior Process Engineer Job Responsibilities:

•Oversees and assesses process engineering deliverables including process flow diagrams,

P&I diagrams, mass and energy balances, equipment lists, functional descriptions, safety

in design, and the like.

•Manages the process outcomes of third-party activities including engineering consultants,

equipment vendors, metallurgical testwork laboratories, and the like.

•Integrates with other engineering disciplines to advance overall project safety, design,

schedule, and budget.

•Leads or participates in important workstreams including HAZID, HAZOP, reliability and

maintenance assessments, commissioning, process optimization.

•Optimizes productivity by designing, implementing, and testing new procedures.

•Assembles reports to document process status and changes.

•Creates and tracks metrics to discover areas for improvement and monitor upgrades.

•Communicates findings and proposals to upper management.

•Utilizes process simulation software to test and find the most appropriate production


•Provides thorough instructions for successful implementation of process changes.

•Conducts risk assessments.

•Creates and maintains safety and quality standards.

•Contributes to departmental efforts by accomplishing related tasks as needed.

Comfortable with large projects in the range of $750M.

Process Engineer Qualifications/Skills:

•Excellent analytical and math skills.

•Strong written and verbal communication skills.

•Ability to persuade others to change existing practices.

•Strong attention to detail.

•Proven ability to identify, assess and solve problems.

•Proficient with computer and information technology.

•Knowledge of process engineering software systems.

•Familiarity with applicable health and safety regulations.

Education, Experience, and Licensing Requirements:

Successful candidates must have a bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering, Metallurgical

Engineering, and 10 plus years of experience as a Process Engineer. Ideal candidates should also

have operations experience (5-10 years), EPC (multiple large CapEx projects), as a Senior Process

Engineer in a Chemical Plant.