About us


People are the most valuable asset a mine contracting company can have. Since 1962, Redpath Mining Contractors and Engineers have invested time and training into the best and brightest professionals in the mining industry, leading to the development of an extremely diverse, skilled and dynamic workforce.

With an extraordinary global reach spanning six continents and having worked in over 30 countries, Redpath people find themselves in a vast range of climates and cultures. This extremely diverse work environment, offers a great opportunity for personal and professional development, in any area of the industry.

Mentorship opportunities with an international contingent of mining professionals allow for skills training and development, benefitting you whether you’re new to the industry or have years of experience. Redpath’s in-house trade-specific training programs are both engaging and fun and are delivered around the world by industry practical experts. This benefit presents learners with real-world perspectives and builds the skills, tools, and knowledge necessary to be successful in their chosen careers. Redpath’s training programs have been used in conjunction with other organizations to elevate total quality management and operational excellence to world-class levels.

The health and safety of all employees are of paramount importance at Redpath, as reflected in the company’s motto, “Safety – First, Last and Always.” A healthy work-life balance is encouraged, and comprehensive salary and benefits packages are offered. At Redpath, we believe that challenge is an important part of life, and necessary for continuous improvement of our workforce, and mining methodologies. Redpath fosters a creative and innovative environment, drawing on the strengths of its employees to continually present innovative ideas in productivity, safety, and cost-efficiency to the industry. By tapping this valuable resource, practical ideas that directly benefit our workforce and clients are put into use and help to build some of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced mines in the world.