Finding better ways to provide the materials the world needs

We find better ways to provide the materials the world needs to grow and decarbonise. These metals and minerals are found everywhere in everyday life: aluminium for cars, copper for renewable energy technologies, iron ore for the steel in our cities and lithium for electric vehicles.

The transition to a low-carbon world offers a unique opportunity for us to grow, and to play an important role in finding ways to deliver these materials in the most responsible way possible. So we have put climate change at the heart of our strategy, combining investments in commodities that enable the energy transition with actions to decarbonise our operations and value chains.

Decarbonising our assets de-risks our business and growing in materials essential for the world to decarbonise will underpin our financial performance for decades to come. It also creates commercial opportunities as we expand our role in providing low-carbon materials to help our customers decarbonise.

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