"Our 50,000 people work in around 35 countries across six continents."

Who we are

Our long history is filled with firsts. We’ve developed some of the world’s largest and best quality mines and operations, and our people work in around 35 countries across six continents. We’ve led the industry in partnerships, with customers in new markets, and with local communities. We’ve pioneered technological innovations, such as our Mine of the Future™ programme and our low-CO2 aluminium from hydropower. And we’ve paved the way in areas such as safety, tax transparency and legacy management.

Our Business

From our diverse portfolio, we supply the metals and minerals that help the world to grow. Our major products are aluminium, copper, diamonds, gold, industrial minerals (borates, titanium dioxide and salt), iron ore, thermal and metallurgical coal and uranium.

Our 50,000 people work in around 35 countries across six continents. We are strongly represented in Australia and North America, and also have significant businesses in Asia, Europe, Africa and South America.

Under our Group-wide organisational structure, our four product groups – Aluminium, Copper & Diamonds, Energy & Minerals and Iron Ore – are complemented by our Growth & Innovation and Commercial groups.

Our Commitment

For 145 years, Rio Tinto has been pioneering the production of materials essential to human progress. The minerals and metals we produce play a vital role in a host of everyday items and innovative technologies that help make modern life work. We recognise that the work we do has the potential to affect people, communities and the environment, both positively and negatively. We work in partnership with those affected to minimise our negative impacts and to share the wealth and benefits our business creates over the short and long term. And with innovation at the heart of how we work, we’re always seeking better, more productive ways to extract minerals, while reducing environmental impacts and improving safety.


Man's activities and current use of resources are unsustainable. The world is seeing unprecedented levels of climate change, habitat degradation and pollution. Balancing economic growth and environmentally sustainable development is perhaps the key challenge of our times.
Our licence to operate rightly depends upon the quality of our environmental stewardship. We respect the value of natural resources of our host countries. We consider the environmental impact of all our activities, and we are pioneering innovative ways to reduce energy use and carbon emissions, manage water responsibly, and reduce waste. The materials we produce are essential to human progress. And we must produce them responsibly.

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