Sibanye-Stillwater is dependent on a healthy, skilled, trained and committed workforce, capable of completing tasks safely and productively.

Efforts to develop and empower employees are ongoing and form part of a drive to continuously improve the quality of life of those who sustain the Group's business. 

The underground Stillwater mine near Nye, Montana, in the United States, is located approximately 85 miles southwest of Billings, Montana, and is accessed by a paved road.

Stillwater accesses, extracts and processes PGM ores from the eastern portion of the J-M Reef using mine openings located in the Stillwater River Valley. All surface structures and tailings management facilities are located within the 2,414-acre operating permit area which is administered collectively by the Montana Department of Environmental Quality and the United States Forest Service.

Following the successful conclusion of the acquisition of Stillwater Mining Company in May 2017, the Stillwater mine is wholly owned by Sibanye-Stillwater.


The ore reserves developed at the Stillwater mine are controlled by patented and unpatented mining claims either leased or owned outright. The mine is serviced by adequate water and power supplies from established sources to conduct its current operations.

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