Haul Truck Operator

Hardin, Montana, United States
Nov 24, 2021
Dec 01, 2021
Full Time
Job Description

Responsible for operating CAT 776C, Rimpull CH160 Coal Haulers, CAT 777F End Dump and CAT 776C Water Trucks.

Ability to communicate effectively and to interact with other production personnel to ensure teamwork and safe, efficient production operations. Compliance with all Company, State and Federal rules and regulations.

Job Requirements

Physical skill and operating ability to operate the above noted equipment on a multi-shift operation. This position also requires through the course of a normal shift, the physical skill and ability to board and de-board the equipment, access machine inspection points, perform inspections, check fluid levels and assist in fueling. In addition, work in environmental conditions with exposure to the elements of dust, noise, and adverse weather.

Capable of walking steeply inclined travel ways and climbing access ladders. Successful candidate must be able and diligent in using personal protective equipment (PPE) as warranted by job conditions and Company policy. Such PPE includes: hearing protection, hard-hat, respirator, steel toed shoes, safety glasses, and other PPE as required by the Company.

Must possess and maintain a valid driver's license and maintain a good driving record.