Remote Locations

Many mining jobs require that you live on site in a mining camp, especially those that are situated remotely. Depending on the requirements and roster, it's not uncommon to spend as long as a month in a row living on a mining site.

Whilst mining companies in recent years have focused more and more on creating as pleasant an living environment as possible for their employees, mine site living is not for everybody. However by providing their employees with good living conditions, companies are able to focus on staff retention and it is a well-known fact that happy employees are more productive employees.

Advantages to living on a mine site

  • There are some great advantages to living in a mine camp, namely that your meals are generally all provided for
  • Most mines will also have a mess hall which will provide breakfast, lunch and dinner. Most mining companies will also always take shifts into consideration when organizing meals, so that regardless as what shift is being worked, meals are provided for
  • Employees are also encouraged to stay fit and active, and many camps are nowadays providing fully equipped gymnasiums which employees are free to use whenever they want to
  • Some of the bigger camps may even have swimming pools, baseball courts and various other sporting facilities
  • Cleaning services are also provided
  • One of the biggest advantages of living on a mine site is that there is nothing to spend your hard earned money on
  • Some camps will have a bar or a tavern, but there is no real opportunity for shopping

Disadvantages to living on a mine site

  • However as attractive as all of the above may sound, one need to remember that mine site living is not for everybody and living away from ones family and friends, can be very hard and stressful.
  • Hours on mines can be hard, and it's not uncommon to work 7 days a week for 12 hours a day.
  • Because mines are often located in remote areas, the weather conditions can be extreme, and depending on where you are based you can be subjected to working in below zero temperatures or in the heat and dust.
  • Because mine sites are often remotely located, this can lead a feeling of being isolated.
  • Many mine sites also do alcohol and drug testing, so if you are starting work at 4 in the morning it is important to be very careful as to how much alcohol you may have had the night before.

Whether or not individuals are able to adjust to mine site living and be happy, will vary so much depending on their personal circumstances and personality. For those who are single it is often easier to settle in and adapt than for those who have a family. The biggest drawcard however at the end of the day are the salaries offered in this exciting industry and for those living on a mine site, the salaries paid can be excellent.